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Yes, I could list a 101 reasons why everyone should read this book but it would be a boring review.

When you see the book, the cover alone grabs the heart and soul, Tuesday can say a thousand words without speaking.

Once you have absorbed the beauty of such a wonderful dog, you will find yourself reading, pausing and going back to the front cover just to look at the eyes of this amazing hound. This book stands proud and upright on the top of my desk, like a photo of a loving relative, carefully framed and displayed to be viewed often. I marvel how everyone who enters my office, immediately passes a comment as they are drawn to the beauty of Tuesday.

This book affected me on so many levels. How someone could be so brave and honest? Luis bares his soul for his readers to see the cause and effects of war on a warrior. How little we the readers understand the life of a wounded warrior. How blind we are to the results of their lifetime injuries and suffering. How inadequate the system of support for recovery of PTSD.

I know I cannot be this honest in my writing skills and would run to the ends of the earth rather than expose my fears.

Luis Carlos Montalaven has laid down his life for his country and now bares his soul to help his fellow warriors and for us to see that there is hope and a wonderful, cost effective solution that can save lives on so many levels.

Luis, guides us through his journey until Tuesday gently takes over. As a reader I loved the gratitude that Luis feels for his dog. I am in awe of the bond and understanding that although Tuesday has a job, Luis also recognizes that Tuesday has a personality too!

It needs to be #1 on the top seller list! Buy this book and your life will be enriched.

You will see your own life in a new light. You will have a better understanding of how we can help our wounded warriors. You will feel a deep sense of gratitude.

I am so grateful to Luis and Tuesday for reminding me that honesty, integrity and loyalty are the foundations of love and understanding.


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