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Tuesdays and Thursdays are doggy daycare days here at The Pawkeepers.

I love these days and have to say I learn more from the dogs on these special days than any other time. Today Nipsie, Zuma, Thumper and Frosty. Frosty is staying whilst her parents cruise the Bahamas. Should we feel sorry for them whilst we sit out the big freeze?

Nipsie is a Jack Russell, semi ADHD but has mellowed over time and once declared by professional trainers to be unable to socialize with other dogs. To look at him running around with Zuma under the watchful eye of Thumper would make you scratch behind your ears and say this dog gets along fine with others.

Zumma, a bouncy young Border Collie who does the best impersonations of Tigger and a slinky at the same time. Her antics to try to entice Nipsie and Thumper to chase her are exceptional. Diving and leaping from a complete standstill, slinking on the ground and running away quickly is a joy to sit and watch. The herding nature is so very obvious.

My wonderful hound Thumper is forever playing big brother. Sitting on top of the hill he watches and waits. When things look like they are getting out of hand, or the fun and games will cause the flying monkeys to appear, he will slowly saunter over and give them the eye lol!

The weather is not helping as it is so very cold. These are the days I know I am the Doorkeeper not the Pawkeeper!

I will be over time talking of the value of socialization. If there is one thing that will keep your dog happy, healthy and a joy to be with is socialization. You should be able to take your dog anywhere, any time. Vets, dog parks, parades and visiting friends and family. If your dog is well socialized you can take your dog on many adventures. A dog that is not socialized will get left behind. So when you hear me ranting and raving about socialization… SIT! Prick up your ears and pay attention!

There will be Milkbones for those who are listening.


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Lesley Sullivan - Owner of the Pawkeepers A unique Bed & Biscuit Inn, offering numerous opportunities for your dog that are not available in crates, kennels and many other pet boarding establishments

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