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Who would have thought that it would be that difficult? To sit for a few minutes and type about my passion for caring for dogs? When I look at my last post in June it makes me go grrrrr!

But wait! It’s the New Year! I can start over. So leaping and bounding, I survey the keyboard and jump start my brain.

No resolutions for this pup but a goal to get the thoughts out of my head and in to these posts.

Over the holidays I did manage to watch the movie Julie & Julia, for those who blog we must have smiled and squirmed to watch Julie blogging her way through Julia Child’s cookbook. Especially when Julie questioned as to if anyone was out there reading her blog. There has been many a time I have felt like I am talking to myself and wonder who reads this stuff.

But the new and improved blogger(that is me!)will bodly type and not be concerned as to who is out there reading.

I remember as a child in England going to Speakers Corner in Hyde Park, London. Anyone can stand up on a box or their own two feet and start speaking about anything they want. It fascinated me that these pepole enjoyed talking or felt strongly about their beliefs. Sometimes crowds would form. The group would listen for longer periods of time,interact,heckle which never seemed to bother the speaker. Sometimes a speaker would just be talking to the wind or the pigeons.

So it is with great courage, that I stand on my own platform and talk to who ever may be listening.


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Lesley Sullivan - Owner of the Pawkeepers A unique Bed & Biscuit Inn, offering numerous opportunities for your dog that are not available in crates, kennels and many other pet boarding establishments

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