Have you gone to the dogs?

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It is no secret… I have gone to the dogs!
So how did this happen? Many, many years ago, when I was a nipper, I lived in England.

My first dog was a minature Shetland Sheepdog and yes you guessed he was called Lassie. Lassie was my pal and cohort in many of my great imaginary adventures and some we managed to turn into reality, which caused tremendous trouble for both of us!

My parents decided that Lassie and I were not a good combo but I know that it was Lassies constant barking when I was not around that drove them to take him to that great farm where he will be so happy!

I had no choice as a child and although this broke my heart and I cried forever Lassie was my first four legged love and always will be.

Which brings me to our topic of the week…

Sepration anxiety

How do you handle your dogs seperation anxiety?

Do you have a dog walker come to give your dog a break?

Does your dog go to a doggy daycare?

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Secretly this is an obdeience test to see if you are reading this blog lol!

Now get back to your chew toys.


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