How to find good boarding for your dog

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So what are the choices?

1. Beg and plead with family, neighbors or friends.

2. Find a pet sitter to come to your house.

3. Board at your local veterinarians.

4. Look for an in home cage free boarding.

5. Research kennels.

Friends, family andgood neigbors

If you have great friends and family that will love your dog then that is so wonderful.  A lot of the stress of travelling and finances will not be a problem for you but live changes constantly. I would love a dollar for every time I have received a phone call in despair, that the neighbor moved or my son who used to watch the dog is in college.  My relatives are all going on the same cruise and so on.

Is it not a good idea to always have a Plan B?

Many pet services require registration.  Why not check on Yahoo local or Google?  Type in dog boarding and your zip or state and see who comes up.  Online references are available.  You can check prices and services from the comfort of your home whilst sipping hot tea in your PJ’s!

Be prepared for sticker shock!

This is going to do one of two things.  You will really appreciate and value your current caregivers and not take them for granted or you will start to budget for those times you will need a professional pet care giver.

In later posts we will go into costs and comparisons but for now please do your homework.  Your dog is counting on you!



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Lesley Sullivan - Owner of the Pawkeepers A unique Bed & Biscuit Inn, offering numerous opportunities for your dog that are not available in crates, kennels and many other pet boarding establishments

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