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Here’s a poochie query for Pawkeepers. Why does my dog love chewing wood??? He was nibbling at my indoor plants – I stopped that by sprinkling pepper on the stems. Now he runs off with logs from the fire (not burnt ones) and strips the bark off them. I don’t mind that but now he’s taken to “pruning” the apple trees i…n thegarden, which I do mind. It’s not as if he lacks toys and he gets a bone every Saturday. Any suggestions???

Kim W. Dublin, Ireland

A great question Kim.  I hope this helps your hound.

Ahhhh! The big chew theory! 

Let me start by saying it is an age and a stage. I do not know the age of your dog Ms. Kim, but I am betting that it he is a young whipper snapper lol! His teeth are itching and to relieve the sensation he needs the right kind of chew.

Lets face it as humans when we want something crunchy or chewy it is the steak or the potato snacks we head for. Cottage cheese or yogurt is not going to satisfy the cravings that our minds tell us we need.

So, your pooch is following his natural instincts to find the right kind of chew to relieve the itch! We humans think that chew toys should be rubbery or fluffy, we have been brain washed into giving rawhide to our dogs. This is a big NO!

The rawhide is made of leather from cattle at the slaughter house. It is bleached in a low grade arsenic to make it look clean and white for humans. Add a dash of good advertising and a happy dog, you have sales!

Leather cannot be digested! The chewing of leather is a nice sensation for your dog, hence they look like they love these rawhide bones. When they manage to break of a chunk it goes into the digestive system. The stomach produces juices to try and break down the leather. It ain’t happening, so make more juices! You now have a dog with a runny poop problem! So you are going to have to clean up, steam the carpets, walk the dog and go to the vet and spend a couple of hundred. Go home and do the same thing over again.

What can we give to our pets when they are hitting the chew stage?

There are some natural products on the market and some in your pet store too!

Smoked ham bones

Dried sweet potato’s

A Kong toy stuffed with peanut butter or treats

Raw carrots

The sticks in your yard lol!

Check the contents of the chewy treats or go on line and look for natural chew toys.  Keep in mind that dogs were vegetarians and roamed the land in packs eating veggies. When your dog behaves like a dog, try not to turn him into the latest crazy money making machine.


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