Pants on the ground

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Monday mornings are always interesting and surprising!

This Monday, I opened up the emails to find a new pet owner had applied for registration for their dog. I love opening up the registrations to find out what breed and what personality traits this new dog has. I am always proud that the owners have cared so much for their dog to apply for registration.

Sipping my hot coffee, I took a swig and ready to review the application.

OMG! I never thought I would say this but I snorted and sprayed coffee over my screen with laughter!

Name of your dog… Pants on the ground!

When I had dried off the java and composed myself, I immediately called the owner of Pants on the ground to find out how this dog got his name.

Jennifer S. had named her dog Random, a slightly overweight Lab mix that she had rescued from the shelter. She had just finished taking Random for a long walk and settled down to watch her favorite TV show American Idol. They watched the last audition with General Larry Platt and her husband looked at Random who was panting on the floor at their feet. When Jennifer and her husband had finished laughing they declared a new name for Random who now will be known a Pants on the ground!

It made my morning, that something as a quirky little song has had such a profound effect on so many.

I cannot wait to meet Mr. Pants the dog, how can you not smile?

Naming the dog is a big deal!

I bet every time Jennifer and her husband tell others the name of their dog it will make many smile.

What did you name your dog?


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