The Busy season is here!

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Rufus has the favorite floral spot and Chloe is enjoying the marigolds. Thumper tries to convince Lucy to give up the spot. Thunder is happy just resting and little Fizzle laughs at everything!

The Inn has been freshly painted on the inside and our guests are enjoying the tranquil color scheme.So many guests and so little time to blog!The favorite floral spot has been in great demand and all want to have the advantage of running into the Inn or getting a head start to the grounds.There are times when I am beginning to feel like the Dog Whisperer as we enjoyed the pack of what I call the magnificent Seven. They behaved so well and all had fun tearing around the grounds like a pack of greyhounds.


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Lesley Sullivan - Owner of the Pawkeepers A unique Bed & Biscuit Inn, offering numerous opportunities for your dog that are not available in crates, kennels and many other pet boarding establishments

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