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Diving into the email box I came across this email from Janet who wanted to know how to become a Bed & Biscuit Inn?

Janet, you have to boldly tread where no other paws have trodden.

My recommendations for anyone is become a pet sitter first!

You will learn so much about handling new dogs, running a business, customer service and is this the really what you want to pursue as a career?

I started as a pet sitter and still pet sit for a few dogs that have a special place in my heart.  By starting as a pet sitter you will begin to establish your clients needs and will quickly establish a client base for your own bed & biscuit in the future.

So Janet your first step is to learn, read and talk to the best in the business.

Josh Schermer is an amazing business man, incredible pet sitter and treasure trove of solid good information.

Become a fan
Engage in discussions on his forum!
This book is vital and will save you from making huge mistakes financially.
By becoming a pet sitter you will be paid to learn.  Help dogs.  Grow as a business person and learn to put one foot in front of the other lol!
Thanks to everyone for their comments, questions, support and encouragement.  I would not be The Pawkeeper if it was not for the love of my pack.

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Lesley Sullivan - Owner of the Pawkeepers A unique Bed & Biscuit Inn, offering numerous opportunities for your dog that are not available in crates, kennels and many other pet boarding establishments

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