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When I look at the people who follow this blog and are on The Pawkeepers fan page, I would like you to get to know them a little better.  We are a community, of which I am so proud to be a part of.

When I attended Ian Dunbar’s seminar in Richmond, I was proud to meet Shawn Reed a very up and coming trainer.  What impressed me the most about Shawn, is openness and willing to share and learn.  This humble trainer has a big heart!  The time spent with Ian and Shawn was one of the many highlights of the seminar.

Shawn Reed Tip of the Week:
Ian Dunbar says, when your puppy is between 3 months-4 1/2 months old take him or her hiking in the woods.

Make sure there are no roads or anything dangerous around. Run upwind from your puppy and hide.

Your puppy will get stressed while he/she looks for you. When they finally find you they’ll be extremely happy and relieved. This accomplishes conditioning on the dog’s part to never take it’s eyes off of you and to
mind your whereabouts.

The puppy will get stressed! However, some stress is healthy for development!

Michael Ellis says, dog’s that learn that they can survive stress will be more resilient to stress later on in life. It’s not a perfect world and dog’s will get
stressed at some point in life.

If we can show them they can survive some stress we set them up for success.


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