Yes! It’s all about Belle!

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It is all about Belle this week and that is the way it should be according to our favorite Princess.

Belle has been coming to The Pawkeepers since she was knee high to a grasshopper.

Arriving with her own personal luggage with matching harness , leash and a sweater. Over the years she has managed to rack up the most frequent visits.

For her size, Belle has the biggest character I know and she has over the years adapted us to her many regal ways!
The rules according to Princess Belle…

  1. It is all about me!
  2. I must always be fed first.
  3. Your bed is my bed!
  4. I have the right to roam where ever I please.
  5. If you get snarky with me, I will do the yap attack.
  6. I do not have to come when you call me.
  7. I do not obey your commands, you obey mine!
  8. I need your devotion, otherwise I will do something to get your attention.
  9. I will be warm, cozy, cuddly and pretty at all times.
  10. Refer to rule one and we will have a great relationship.

We love Belle’s visits and so do the caregivers. Known for just showing up at The Byers and taking over their home. Everyone understands the rules according to Belle and are willing to comply as she really is a sweet loving character.


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